ABC's Of Kindergarten

A -  Absences - If your child is absent, please send a note in their B.E.E. folder stating the reason for the absence as soon as possible to avoid an unexcused absence. The assignments that your child missed will be sent home in their folder to be completed and returned to school.

Accelerated Reader - Accelerated Reader (AR) is a school wide program that encourages all students to read! Kindergarten students will receive prizes from the Prize Patrol on Fridays when they meet their reading goals.

B - B.E.E. (Bring Everything Everyday) Folders - help keep us organized.  The folder houses a pocket for items to be returned to school such as homework, and a pocket for items to keep at home such as the monthly newsletter, graded/take home papers, and other items that assist with communication between home and school.   

Birthdays - If you would like to send a birthday treat with your child on or near his/her birthday, please feel free to do so, but please note that all treats need to be store bought. Please do not send birthday party invitations to be distributed at school unless all children receive an invitation. 

C - Conferences - Parent and Teacher conferences are held at the end of the first quarter instead of a written report card. Please watch for information in your child’s B.E.E. folder and reply accordingly. Conferences can also be scheduled based on teacher or parent request. Please contact me to set up a conference appointment at any point in the school year. 

Communication is important.  Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or concern. You can reach me by phone (361-6200), in person, by email (, or by note in the B.E.E folder. 

D - Discipline - is simple. We work hard as a class to make the classroom a positive and safe place for all. Please refer to the “Bee Your Best” discipline page and the list classroom rules in the welcome folder for detailed information. It is also helpful to review the rules with your child at home. 

Dismissal – Kindergarten begins dismissing at 3:05pm. In order to have a safe and orderly dismissal, parents who are picking up their child at the classroom need to wait outside until the teacher dismisses the class. Immediately after dismissal we make our way to the bus loop so it is imperative that you are on time. Students for parent pick-up and after school care are escorted to their respective areas. Parents that go through the parent pick-up line must have their sign with their child’s last  name visible in the car window.

E - Email address - My school email is I check my email daily.  If you have an email address that you’d like me to be aware of, please let me know on the parent contact form found in the welcome folder.

F - Field trips - Information about field trips will come home in the B.E.E. folder and will be detailed in the field trip permission slip and weekly newsletter. 

G - Guided Reading – Students participate in small guided reading groups during the literacy block. This time is used to for a variety of things such as, promoting children's effective use of story prediction, print concepts, early reading strategies, and story comprehension.

H - Homework - Students will have some homework in Kindergarten.  Homework assignments are sent home every Friday in the B.E.E. folder. Please return the homework the following Wednesday, which gives your child five days complete the week’s assignments.  

Hands On Learning – I feel that the best way to help children learn is to make learning fun. Important concepts can be learned by doing meaningful hands on activities. There are times when seatwork is required and necessary, but for the most part, our classroom will be an active learning environment.

I - Independence - is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and self-confidence.  Kindergarteners are very capable of doing many things on their own and I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom. Please work on the following skills at home with your child:  zipping, tying, dressing, etc.

J - Journals - Writing takes place every day in kindergarten.  One way we accomplish this is through free and prompted writing in our journals and through writer’s workshop.  Encourage your child to write at home for a variety of purposes, and you will begin to see growth in your child’s writing throughout the year.

K - Keep updated - by reading the classroom newsletter every month and checking the B.E.E. folder every day for other notes and information.

L - Library - Our class will visit the library during our specials rotation. Your child will check out a book when we visit the library and return it within the following week. If your child forgets to return the book, they will not be allowed to check out a new book until it is returned. 

Lunch - Our class eats lunch at 11:20am – 11:50am. You are welcome to join your child for lunch, but you must check in at the main office and wear a visitor sticker. If lunch money is sent to school, please send it in the B.E.E. folder. 

 Literacy centers – Literacy centers are an important part of our daily routine. By participating in centers, each child has an opportunity to work at his/her own rate. Parent volunteers and I will work with small groups of children to reinforce and enrich the students’ literacy skills.

M -